Gas-detection panel, Alpha gas

Main Characteristics
  • Base: 1 module managing 2 loops of 128 gas detectors or 4 open lines (32 gas detectors/line)
  • Possibility for 1 extension module:
    • MG2LOOP
      Internal module for 2 gas loops (128 addresses) for an overall total of 256 gas detectors on the panel.
    • EX8R
      8 way relay module for a panel configured with 128 gas detectors and 8 relay module.
  • Monitored sounder line.
  • Auto powered sounder line.
  • Test tool for gas detector in option.
  • Programming online by keyboard or PC
  • System autoconfiguration.

    Addressable modular gas detection panel

  • 128 addresses for gas detection devices expandable to 256 max.
  • CE certified according to CPD

    ALPHAGAS is a modular addressable gas detection panel equipped in standard with 1 MGLOOP board allowing to manage 128 points on 2 loops or 4 open circuits. The panel is compatible with several different types of gas detectors from the range GDxxxA. To be addressable and correctly recognized by the ALPHA GAS panel, each gas detector needs to be addressed with the help of the MiniBT05 tool or directly from the panel. The gas panel has the physical capacity for one additional expansion board that can be either an extra input detection board MG2LOOP, increasing the maximum number of points to 256, or an output board of 8 programmable relays. The system is programmable online by keyboard or PC for Uploading and Downloading.