Smoke beam-detectors

Main Characteristics
  • Standard EN54-12
  • CE mark (according to CPD)
  • 3m to 100m coverage and 14m wide coverage (7m on each side)
  • Small and streamlined size
  • Easy mounting and setting
  • No external power supply needed
  • Visible ray to help alignment

    Interactive linear smoke beam detector

  • STANDARD EN54-12 / Full CE marking according to CPD
  • Number of certification: 0333 CPD 075 019

    DLFBe is the ideal detector for covering large areas like entrance halls and long distances like corridors. It is also suitable for high buildings, where fire smoke will not be reached by a point detector fixed on the ceiling. It can also substitute point detectors for aesthetic reasons, or simply to limit the number of detectors in an area. Small and streamlined size of the DLFBe is really suitable for public buildings like museums, hospitals, and schools. The use of DLFBe is the solution for most of the industry’s needs, warehouses, factories, technical galleries or tunnels. Its exceptional coverage from 3m to 100m puts it among the highest performance of the world-wide present market. DLFBe is connected to an interactive line/loop and does not need any external power supply. The beam can be remotely disabled with the use of the BEAM-BR remote box. Also available the DETTEL configuration and remote tool for DLFBe-C and DLFBe-R.