Gas detectors

Main Characteristics
  • IP55
  • CE certified.
  • Programmable pre alarm/alarm filter: 0 to 240s
  • Programmable pre alarm/alarm thresholds
  • Fully compatible with addressable DEF & SD³ panels range.
  • Embedded isolator

    Addressable Gas detectors

  • GD100A: Methane (CH4) gas detector IP55
  • GD101A: Butane gas detector IP55
  • GD102A: Petrol steam gas detector IP55
  • GD103A: Carbon monoxide (CO) gas detector IP55
  • GD104A: Hydrogen gas detector, H2, IP55
  • GD105A: Liquid propane gas detector, LPG, IP55
  • GD106A: Propane gas detector, C3H8, IP55
  • GD109A: Acetylene gas detector, C2H2, IP55

    Gas detectors GD1xxA range consists on Addressable detectors that use new generation of semi-conductors: more sensitive and more accurate in sampling, better stability in time, better rapidity for response, and poor sensitivity regarding humidity. Moreover, a performing electronic of control minimizes consumptions; this makes GD1xxxA range detectors adaptable for intermediate/large size installations.
    Gas detectors of the GD100A range are dedicated to tertiary and industrial applications. They have been submitted to the tests certifying their compliance with standards.
    Housed in a metal box IP 55, all reference of gas detectors GD1xxA range also exists in conventional version (see dedicated datasheet).
    Gas detector can use 1 or 2 addresses on addressable system (2 by default). One address used for the information of alarm and the successive the information of alarm.
    Alarm and pre-alarm concentration and delays can be modified with the optional programming tool DETTEL.