DEF has continuously grown till to become, today, between the most important fire safety international actors.
DEF (Détection Electronique Française) was born in 1958

During the 70's

DEF was interested in a real industrial growth The ICs introduction allows DEF improving her technologies and gain access to first important realisations.

During the 80's

The company continues its expansion becoming the first French constructor in fire detection. A new electronic component appears: the microprocessor. DEF introduces the addressable systems, that became the standard in fire detection.

During the 90's

DEF was recognized as a group leader in high technology application. The interactive Vega products, rich in new functions in maintenance field, cause to the company a international scope.

Today ...

DEF confirme its image of solution and services constructor in fire safety systems. Present in more important European and International sites, the company claim a double competence:
  • a industrial group recognized for its excellence.
  • a preferred partner for professionals in fire safety, due to its complete offer in customized services.