This is what I am proud of ...

DEF is not just another company.
Since its foundation, more than 50 years ago, DEF has been focusing on its core business: fire safety.
Year after year, our company has developed innovative technological solutions so as to meet customers’ requirements for the most demanding sectors.
In 1958, when my father, Daniel Lécuyer, founded DEF in the suburb of Paris, he already had this vision to associate services and in-house products in order to guarantee stable and secure fire protection solutions to our clients.

Today, we have a worldwide presence in the fields of fire alarm, fire extinguishing (gas or water mist), public evacuation and safety supervision, and I'm proud to announce that we expanded our activities into The Netherlands with DEF Fire-Technology based in Barendrecht.

In each of our subsidiaries, a team of experts will handle your fire safety projects with products designed and manufactured by DEF, while providing a local support for long lasting solutions.

We have strong references in the most demanding sectors and our ambition is to grow worldwide, while keeping customers’ proximity and innovation as the two drivers of our company.

This is what I am proud of and so are all our employees!
I wish you an interesting visit of our website.

Philippe Lecuyer
Chairman of DEF group