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January 2013 - Fire Safety Wind Turbine - Wind Energy

Wind Turbine locations are often remote and hardly accessible locations for the fire brigade, ambulance etc. With their increasing height wind turbines are almost impossible to extinguish the fire for the fire brigade. There is also an additional risk of accidents by falling burning material of the wind turbine. A fire situation where people are present in the wind turbine is an extremely dangerous situation, it is almost impossible to escape in time.

For this reason, wind turbines must be equipped with a highly efficient fire detection and firefighting system that in time fights the fire with the safety of the attendees. DEF Netherlands B.V. has a high quality fire detection and firefighting system developed for wind turbines if you wish, you can respond to for more information.

june 2012 - D-Def

The first edition of D-DEF International took place in June 2012 in Abidjan, Algiers, Casablanca, Milan, Bologna, Brussels and Rotterdam. The purpose of this event was to promote among our existing and potential customers new DEF solutions in a friendly and interactive environment. A particular focus has been done to Visio DEF 3D and SDAU. A great job of preparation has been done by all to make this day a success.
More than 350 customers answered present for this journey. They all enjoyed the presentations punctuated with videos, technical presentations and moments of exchange. A second D-DEF is on working before the end of the year and we expect the same investment of all to strengthen our presence on the international market.

june 2012 - Louvre

In June 2012, the Paris DEF branch was awarded the contract for the complete renovation of the fire alarm system, voice alarm and evacuation management of the first museum in the world: the Louvre Museum.
The building had been fitted with a competitors equipment since 40 years and we were fare from starting with a pole position in this tough competition.
Nevertheless, the Paris team have been able to find a flexible and sure solution in order to switch from one equipment to the other without discontinuity of operation for a site that must welcome thousands of visitors every day.
For this project DEF was associated with an electrical contractor Spie Batignolles and had the support of SSI Service our multi-brand maintenance subsidiary.
Congratulations to the Paris sales and technical teams for this exceptional success!

may 2012 - Watermist

May 22, 2012 were conducted a real water mist testing on a datacenter (scale 1) for ILLIAD FREE (French phone operator) near Paris. 6 confined bays, equipped with 42 servers on were tested.
59 clients (fire protection office, design office, manufacturers and control IT office) attended for 12 minutes the water mist action and no interruption of the process of data processing was detected. Our client wants to verify the water mist action on the hardware in use. The strong involvement of France Telecom agency and PROFOG (DEF subsidiary) make this test a success.

2011 - Niger

In 2011, Areva commissioned DEF to achieve an audit of a pressurization system for its ore processing plant in Arlit, Niger. The mine, located between the Sahara and the Ar mountains, presents very hard environmental conditions, is hard to get to and is set in a dangerous area.

DEF accepted the challenge : in last may, a fully equipped container (ventilation, heat, access control, electric cabinets, fire detection, pumps, valves&) has been accepted without reservations on site by the final customer, in presence of Didier BORGIALLO (DRS) and Youcef SEGHOUANI (DEF Algeria).
The project management and installation were possible thanks to the close cooperation between Algeria and DEF DOI.
This full solution limited the risks of theft and damage during transportation, limited the duration and complexity of the installation on site and met the general requirements of the final customer.
May this solution meet in the future numerous other needs remained until today unanswered !