Nuclear powerstations

DEF 25 years of history in the civil nuclear sector
  • 1983 DEF systems installed at the first P'4 generation units in Nogent, Cattenom, Chinon, Belleville, Golfech
  • 1996 DEF is chosen to protect the Reactor rooms at Chinon and Saint Laurent
  • 2002 DEF inaugurates its own ENERGY DIVISION, staffed with highly qualified experts and engineers specially dedicated to support the energy business sector in France and abroad through EDF/AREVA projects.
  • 2004 more energy production plants protected by DEF systems, at Porcheville, Vitry and Le Havre mainly for renovation and maintenance. DEF is among the top 3 F&A supplier to EDF.
  • 2008 China: Major nuclear plant project (10 CP 1000 units) awarded by CGNPC in the Guandong province; DEF wins 100% of the fire detection supplies for nuclear island buildings
  • 2009 France: ANDRA (storage of waste re-treatment site), BLENOT (CGC combine gas water powered plant), MONTEREAU (TAC Alsthom)
  • 2010 TAISHAN power station – first EPR in China for DEF
Experimental Nuclear Fusion Reactor ITER
DEF Fire-Technology is pleased to be chosen to participate in the fire safety of ITER. ITER is the international thermonuclear experimental reactor that would lead to provide mankind with sustainable clean energy based on the fusion of hydrogen isotopes. DEF’s ingenieurs protected ITER headquarters and all secondary buildings, while sections for containment of the reactor are in its final design stage.

Nuclear Fission. A pressurised water reactor

Belleville Nuclear Powerstation

ITER is a 4th generation Experimental Reactor

ITER site of Cadarache, France