Oil & Gas. Flame detectors & Open-Path Gas detectors

DEF & SPECTREX work together in the Industrial fire protection.

Spectrex Flame Detectors & Spectrex Open-Path Gas Detectors are designed to the highest safety requirements for high risk industries and commercial applications. SharpEye 40/40 Series Flame Detectors include Triple infrared (IR3), Multi IR, UV/IR, UV, IR and CCTV models for Ex hazardous areas and safe area compact Mini designs. SafEye Open-Path Gas Detectors monitor distances from <1 meter up to 140 meters with SIL2 high reliability units and duct mount options for turbine / air intake ducts. Spectrex Detectors are SIL2 approved and 3rd party certified to the latest applicable International Standards for Safety, Reliability, Quality and Performance.
This scenario shows how the matrix of point type detectors can miss a leak or eventually only see diluted gas levels whereas SafEye 700 Open-Path will, in this case, measure 20% LEL x 7 m = 1.4 LEL.m well above 1 LEL.m alarm level.

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