Supervision software

Main Characteristics
  • Version (TCP/IP)
  • JBUS protocol communication
  • between panels (variant of ModBus)
  • Management of commands: inclusion/exclusion of points/zones, test zones ON/OFF, outputs/relays on/OFF, panel RESET.
  • Max events memory: 30000
  • Back-up events memory
  • Security logging management
  • Supervision staff management
  • Easy visualization of various events
  • Windows 95, 98, NT, ME, 2000, XP

    Graphical maps supervision software

  • Supervision of fire detection systems
  • Serial version
  • Net version
  • Compatible with Héphaïs 1600 panel

    MAPSKITALPHA-HEPHAIS is a software package planned to enable remote management (via one or more PCbased surveillance station) of security installations (fire detection, alarm, gas detection, CCTV surveillance). The panels installed indicate the status of controlled points and dialogue with PC-stations. MAPSKITALPHA-HEPHAIS translates in graphic and acoustic shape this information, and makes it real-time available to PC-station users. By means of the software, a PC station user can also execute, directly from PC, commands on the security installation. The powerful configuration tools included guarantee high use flexibility.