Watermist, high-, medium-, and low pressure

High Pressure
  • 60-100 bar
  • Large Volume protection
  • Ideal for Atrium’s, Hotels, Shopping centres, Tunnels
Low Pressure
  • 4-25 bar
  • Object protection
  • Ideal for gasturbines/generators, technical rooms, ship machine rooms, datacenters.
Ideal for:
  • Generators, Gas turbines, Transformers, Wind turbines, Cables trenches
  • Data- & Communication centers
  • Hotels, Shopping centers, Restaurants, Hospitals and Schools
  • Machine room protection for vessels
  • Tunnel protection
Certified according to:
  • IMO: RES.MSC.265(84)
  • VDS: High Pressure Fire Extinguishing System for the protection of mechanical escalators and elevator machine room according to annex 3.
  • DNV-IMO 1165: Nozzles for equivalent water-mist fire extinguishing systems for machinery spaces and cargo pump rooms.
  • DNV-IMO 913: Fixed water based local application fire fighting systems components for use in category "A" machinery spaces.
  • FM: Pre-Engineered system single fluid systems. DEF-Watermist High Pressure Water Mist Design for Fire Protection of Machinery Spaces, Special Machinery Spaces and Turbine Enclosures not exceeding 260M3.

DEF-Watermist is a DEF
designed Watermist system

DEF-Watermist Water, that is dispersed in small droplets has a large surface and creates a large cooling effect. It therefore uses a fraction of water compared to sprinklers and is clean and non-electrical conductive.
The watermist systems are easy to install with small diameter tubing. The systems are designed according to NFPA Standard 750.

Watermist systems are designed to protect large and small enclosed volumes where flammable material are present and accessable to persons. Typical applications for watermist systems are: Datacenters, Atriums, Gasturbines/generators, Hotels, Tunnels, Cruiseships, Technical rooms, Machine rooms of vessels, etc.

DEF-Watermist Reference list:
Client Country Applications
Bouygues France Archives
GDE France Transformateur
CELESTE France Data Center (200 k€)
GDE France Transformateur
SNECMA France Stockage liquides inflammables
RATP France Poste de contrôle
RATP France Transformateur
LEVEL 3 France Salle informatique (500 k€) 2 salles 1000 m²
DCNS sous marin nuclécaire Barracuda France Salles machines
EDF NUCLEAIRE (CHINON) France Groupes électrogènes
EDF NUCLEAIRE (CRUAS) France Groupes électrogènes
CEA CENTRE DE CALCUL TGCC (Bruyères le chatel) France Salle informatique (1500 k€) 4 salles 2000 m²
Communauté Urbaine Bordeaux France Salle stockage
CEA CENTRE DE CALCUL TERRA (Bruyères le chatel) France Salle informatique (3000 k€) 4 salles 1500 m²
DGSE PARIS (Armée) France Serveur haute densité 1 salle 700 m²
Crédit agricole Bergerac France Salle informatique 2 salles 730 m²
SNCF France Salle informatique 2 salles 700 m²
Compagnie Monégasque de Banque France Salle informatique
MAC DONALD France Salle informatique 4 salles 100 m²
ALCATEL France Salle informatique
COMPASS France Salle informatique
BANQUE DE PARIS France Salle informatique
PRO BTP France Salle informatique 1 salle 438 m²
AEROPORT SAINT EXUPERY France Galerie de câbles et armoires de puissance
CEA MARCOULE France Stockage déchets radioactif
VACHETTE France Protection ligne d'emballage
Centrale électrique thermique HORNAING (59) France Protection centrale thermique
SNECMA France Banc d'essais moteur
MICHELIN France Banc hydraulique
ENICHEM France Salle d'archives
SNCF France Salle d'archives
SAFR France Stockage 0H3
FINANCIÈRE MEESCHAERT - Computer Room France Salle informatique
BANCA DI ROMA CPD Italy Salle informatique
COCA-COLA Spain Transformateur
VALENCIA HOSPITAL Spain Chambre rayon X
WORLD TRADE CENTER Spain Transformateur
REUTERS Kenya Groupes électrogènes
BILBAO metro Spain Machinery escalator
HOTEL MERIDIEN Saudi Arabia Cuisine
FRITOLAY Turkey Groupes électrogènes
USINE ARCELOR Turkey Vannes hydraulique
KRAFT Turkey Friteuse
APT INSTALACIONES Spain Salle informatique
IMTECH NOVOCALOR Spain Centre commercial
MOORHOSE United Kingdom Groupes électrogènes
LUTOSA Belgium Friteuse
KIREMKO Belgium Friteuse
METRO LONDON United Kingdom Kiosk
CHALLENGER FOODS United Kingdom Etuve
CHASE FARM HOSPITAL United Kingdom Groupes électrogènes
AQUA HOTEL Spain Salle informatique
BANCAJA FOUNDATION Spain Salle informatique